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Organic. molasses, stone fruit, chocolate



Certified Organic Papua New Guinea. Our newest offering -- we love this complex coffee with very unique characteristics to the region --with similar characteristics of complex washed coffees from Central America.  Molasses and sweet chocolate are noticeable to the discerning palate --but you can even pick up notes of peach and coconut using a pourover.  Really complex with layers of natural flavors.  The Timuza Coffee Cooperative is made up of small-holder farmers of the Kamano tribal group. Average farm size is 1.4 hectares per family. Farmers receive training and assistance in financial management, gender equality, and standards for processing high quality ripe cherries.  In 2016, Timuza placed 1st in the National Cupping Competition.  This is a winner if you are choosing to try just one washed coffee from us.  Enjoy.

We stand behind our high quality and know you will enjoy your coffee selection based on the general profile notes of your selection. We strongly recommend purchasing Whole Bean coffees for the best freshness and taste. Unlike many specialty roasters, we do offer Ground coffee options. We grind on quality commercial equipment. However, with the large variety of home brewing devices, grind consistency can be a factor in your finished cup. We do not offer refunds for any coffees purchased for ground. To maximize café quality at home purchase Whole Bean!